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Optical Society of Serbia is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit, professional association founded with the aims in the field of optics, photonics and similar disciplines, and their applications. The aims and the tasks of the Society are:

  • to monitor, help and foster scientific research in the Society's field of interest;
  • to encourage and support all sorts of education in the Society's field of interest;
  • to popularize and promote the Soceity's field of interest;
  • to develop modern optical technologies and their applications;
  • to encourage the cooperation among the scientists in Serbia and abroad;
  • to enhance the cooperation among the economy, science and education;
  • to provide expert opinions, suggestions and reviews to competent bodies while adopting strategic documents of the Republic of Serbia which relates to scientific/research and educational work in the Society's filed of interest;
  • to help in work and coordination of joint action of scientists/researchers and professionals in the Society's field of interest;
  • to actively take part in the operation of scientific foundations of the Republic of Serbia;
  • to cooperate with European Optical Society, Optical Society of America and other professional associations with similar aims and tasks.