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Legal bodies of the Society are: the Assembly, the Presidency and the Supervisory Board.


The Assembly of the Society is the highest directing body of the Society. The Assembly is consisted of all the members of the Society.


The Presidency of the Society is the representative of the managing body of the Society. The members of the Presidency are (from 2022): vice-president prof. dr Goran Gligorić, president dr Zoran Grujić, and deputy dr Slavica Jovanović.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of the Society controls the regularity of the secret ballot for the members of the Society's bodies, evaluates the financial activity and final annual financial accounts of the Society. The members of the Supervisory Board are (from 2023): prof. dr Peđa Mihailović, dr Marina Lekić, prof. dr Milutin Stepić.

Program Board

The Program Board of the Society is the operational body of the Presidency which takes care of the preparation and organization of national and international professional meetings, as well as of the publication inside the frame of the Society's field of interest. The members of the Program Board are (from 2014): dr Ljupčo Hadžievski, dr Antun Balaž.


The Secretary takes care of the financies of the Society and actively participates in the preparation of the meetings and in the work of all bodies of the Society. The Secretary is (from 2016): dr Aleksander Kovačević.


The Constitution of the Optical Society of Serbia is adopted at the Constitutive Assembly held on October 29, 2011.